Location: Place Gabriel Rambaud, Lyon
Client/Competition by: IMIB
Period: 2013
Status: Published
Authors: Seda Kurt (L.Arch. MSc.), Hakan Tüzün Şengün (Arch. Phd.)
Type: Portable Pocket Park

POOºL is a public lavabo - fountain which is made from travertine and it is an urban partner for a tree. The idea is place_making with existing trees in urban dense.

Transplantation is not needed and the idea could be a kind of addition for urban nature on every scale. The system has different modules and simple rules for assemblage.
It is a pocket park on its own and somewhere it can be a simple carrefour.


A1 and A2 parts of the travertine module has round shaped for tree hollow.


B1 and B2 parts of the travertine module.
A1+A2+B1+B2 is POOºL module.


Section of the module POOºL, A1+A2+B1+B2.
POOºL locates on site where the tree is projecting. The module seats on soil base with suitable condition and a pump substructure for water circulation.


Projections of trees to the POOºL and people around.


POOºL is a public lavabo and travertine fountain which is an urban partner for the tree.


POOºL is a pocket park on its own. The idea is about hard landscape while public place_making with existing trees.


POOºL is a module and it has four parts which will merge.
The parts are A1+A2+B1+B2.