Location: Moda, Istanbul
Client/Competition by: Kadikoy Municipality
Period: 2014
Status: Published
Author: Seda Kurt (L.Arch. MSc.)
Type: Micro Urban Design

As a public place, park is a part of urban landscape and arcade is a phenomenon like a sum of place and space which can be called an emplacement. There are shops on one side and the other side is a colonnade. Parkad means parcade, parc+arcade. There are 59 spaces inside of the arcade at Moda street. Parkad fits to these spaces.
8, 9, 15, 24, 47, 53, 57 are the numbers of spaces.

Lounge chat, enjoy to look at Bougainvillea flowers and Open office

Talks, meetings, projection space and Atelier, street food space


System Elements and site Plan

Column height* and space numbers;
4,9 m: 10-38 45-59
5 m: 1,2
5,5 m: 39-44
7 m: 3-9

Width * min 2,2 m - max 10,8 m
Depth * min 2,7 m - max 4,5 m
* approx.

Arcade spaces are so shady. The climber ivy, Hedera (1) or Parthenocissus are suitable for hanging on the structure and shady spaces. For sunny arcade corners,
Clematis or Bougainvillea (7) provide bloomy effect with their flowers. Lamps (2) or spot lighting equipment (3) for night and some festives. For hot weather, the space need a vantilator (4) . For talks or summer theatres, a projection (5) and a curtain (6) are able to add the structure. As urban furniture, canvas and wooden sitting sets (8) that retailers, urbaners, elders can use.

Actuel Usage:
8 - 9 Barber, apparel shop space
15 Yeni Moda Pharmacy space
24 Hairdresser space
47 Book shop - Bank space
53 Contruction space
57 Watch maker space