Location: Fabra y Coats, Barcelona
Client/Competition by: EME3
Period: 2013
Status: Published
Author: Seda Kurt (L.Arch. MSc.)
Type: Landscape Installation

ArbreTune is an enclosed urban emplacement. Although ‘Topias’ adresses a terrestrial thing in one’s opinion or a place that describes topos; and if a tree might be the most related object with topos it is not fixed to the terra through ArbreTune. The trees would like to reach the cellestial.

ArbreTune represents the public realm which is emerged from the trees. The trees are movable which have a portable equipment, a pot, a pallet and wheels. Trees are Citrus aurantium. ArbreTune is an enclosed garden likewise Mediterranean courtyards. All is about aura, climate, fragrance.

ArbreTune is an installation place that would like to spread out its fragrance into the neighbourhood Sant Andreu. The inside and outside of the Fabra i Coats has a memory, it is an industrial heritage which had provided socializing between workers and habitants in Sant Andreu during the years.

In respect of Fabra i Coats and the workers, it is good to breathe an atmosphere that is filling with its past while sitting on a tree pallet. Materials are storable, recylable industrial stuff. ArbreTune has a corridor_that is also an annex.

Citrus aurantium Units and Site Plan

Fabra i Coats before, and now with ArbreTune

Fragrance Corridor_Annex