Kadıkoy Tree Walk
Istanbul 2nd Design Biennial

@ Fenerbahce Istanbul, 22-29 November 2014

Project Founder and Tour Guide Seda Kurt Sengun
Invited by IKSV & TAK

20 Streets x 220 Trees x 20 Species

Although street trees have been recorded by the municipality, some of them have disappeared in last 4 months. Kadikoy Tree Walk has checked all species of street trees but only 22 species of estate trees which have no recordings yet.

The trees have begun to suffer in Istanbul where concepts of construction, demolition, excavation and debris are frequently encountered. Trees that unquestionably contribute to urban dwellers are in need of intellectual – objective and technical conservation efforts while some of them still survive in some parts of Istanbul. Many streets in the coastal parts of Kadıköy provide natural walking-tracks to trace uninventoried trees. The route describes the street trees of Kadıköy where the trees in parks and gardens and ancient trees are only inventoried. Kadıköy Tree Walk aims to highlight the presence of trees ideally describing the togetherness of the city and the nature.

The route is:

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Special thanks to: Kadikoy Municipality Parks and Garden Department for street tree recordings and © Hakan Tuzun Sengun for the photography.